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6 Tips to help you plan your wedding

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

So you just got engaged and you're on cloud 9, but it hits you now you need to plan your wedding! Stress rushes in and you start googling how to plan a wedding? Here are 6 tips to help you plan your wedding.

1. Do your research

The biggest part of planning a wedding is the research that goes along with it, you will need to contact at least 5 vendors from each category, like caterers, venues, decor and wedding planners. You might end up hiring the first vendor you meet, even if you spoke to 10 others but you will be certain of your choice after talking with all the vendors on your list. An important part in choosing the right vendor is that you're comfortable with what they are offering but also it should be within your budget.

Don't meet with one vendor only and hire them right off the bat, they could be the cheaper option but maybe for a few hundred more you'll get double what the cheaper vendor is providing. This can be overwhelming since it requires a lot of attention to detail, negotiating, and most importantly going over the contract agreement.

2. Don't stop living

Planning your wedding can easily become your second job, according to Scarlet Plan & Design, it takes approximately 250 hours to plan a wedding of 125 guests. This means you'll be super overwhelmed and if you're a perfectionist like me, it will consume all of your time, this is why asking for help is the biggest part, ask your Fiance, your family and the best thing you can do is hire a wedding planner.

Your life won't stop and it's important that you don't stop living it, most couples plan their wedding 12-13 month before they say " I Do" you can't stop taking care of yourself, having fun with your friends and remember to enjoy this great experience.

3. Choose your bridesmaids

It's your turn to pop the question, there are so many creative, easy ways to ask your bff to be there with you when the big " I Do" moment comes, but remember that being a bridesmaid has a lot of responsibility that comes with it, such as running errands with you, being there on your engagement party, rehearsal dinner and wedding day. Planning your bachelorette party, and bridal shower take a look at all the different tasks your bridesmaids will be responsible for at GLAMOUR.

This is why you'll need to choose a reliable friend/ family member you can count on to be there for you, to be on time, and to be patient with you.

4. Don't skip date night

Remember how we said you'll be so busy planning your wedding? This can also cause you to skip date night from time to time, and trust me you shouldn't! It's normal that you'll start having a few fights here and there, maybe about who to invite and who not to invite or maybe he liked the chocolate cake and you want the red velvet cake, this is why quality time with your #futurehubby is more important than ever.

Keep the romance and try to go out of your way to make this a special journey for your Fiance as much as you can, believe it or not the fighting will increase more and more as you're approaching your big day!

5. Take your time choosing the menu

The most important part of your wedding (other than you of course) is the food, that is whay everyone will be talking about so choosing the right menu is critical, will you stick to traditional food? maybe from your country of origin or try something different, there are so many cuisines that you can choose from. Herinterest were great to create a top 20 cuisines you can pick from.

You'll also need to decide on how you'll be serving the food, plated or buffet style? will you be offering vegetarian choices? So many decisions to be made, after all you're celebrating in front of your family and friends and you'll want them to enjoy the food.

6. Hire a wedding planner

OK if you didn't see tip # 6 coming, maybe you didn't know that we are an event planning company. In all honesty wedding planners are a must, not just because this is what we do but we understand the struggles that come along when getting married.

It's very stressful and time consuming but also has many undesirable tasks that you can't just ask your bridesmaid or mom to take care of, you'll need to contact at least 5 vendors from each category that's over 24 categories, visit wedding wire for the full list, which means you are expected to get in touch with more than 120 vendors #OMG, and you know that you'll be getting around 5 to 10 Emails from each one so now you'll have a flooded mailbox of over 900 Emails, yes 900 Emails.

That was just the 1st step you'll need to do to hire the right vendors, your wedding planner can do a lot more than just finding your vendors for you, we can get your discounts, negotiate on your behalf but most importantly get you the wedding day of your dreams because our number one job is to make sure that you're happy, btw did you know that our name " Joyeux Events" means "Happy Event" in French #Cool right?

Still not convinced? check our what brides.com had to say about hiring a wedding planner

I hope you got informed a little bit more about wedding planning and we would love to hear from you so like, share and comment.

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