Wedding Ideas on a budget

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

How to save money on your wedding and still have a beautiful wedding!

Whether you’re a bride on a budget or just love to save money, we wanted to give you some ideas to help you penny-pinch and still pull off a spectacular wedding!

When it comes to money on your wedding, you can have it all so long as you use your money wisely and stretch your dollar. The most important thing about saving is to prioritize the things you want. If there’s a certain piece of your wedding that costs more than you’d hoped, you can still plan for it, but try to think of small compromises elsewhere to help balance it out. And oftentimes, you may have to work with what you’ve got, repurpose things and find ways to DIY some of your decorations.

Lets got into how you can save in big ways!


Try to pick a date that’s off-season or a non-weekend:

You can save thousands on a venue when you book off the wedding season according to TheKnot January, February and March are the three months to be considered as the low season of weddings, check more information about the statistics here. You may have to compromise if you wanted an outdoor wedding but if you planned on something indoors, then why not consider having it on the offseason! Picking a date that’s not a Saturday can also save you money, especially if you want it in peak season. Friday evenings or Sunday brunch weddings are becoming more and more popular, don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Perfect pancake cake for a Sunday brunch wedding!

The Dress

Try sample dresses and department stores:

This one is really had to compromise on, but don’t say yes to the expensive dress until you look at all your options. You may find one very similar on the sample rack or at a department store for a fraction of the price!

Borrow, borrow, borrow!

See if someone you know that’s past bride has her veil, shoes, jewelry, anything that you can use so you don’t have to buy! Then you can cross off the list for something borrowed!

Flowers and decorations

Try shopping for flowers in wholesale or ask about excess inventory, you never know until you do some research and ask. You can also try to make your own arrangements by using some tutorials on YouTube, this will defiantly cut the costs of having to pay a florist for their labor.  Lots of decorations can be made at home, if you aren’t crafty, ask a friend to help you and make a day out of it! You may be surprised at all the things you can DIY.


Beer, wine, and the signature drink:

This can get so pricey; a good alternative is to offer only beer and wine rather than an open bar with lots of liquor. If there’s something particular you want, you can offer a signature drink and serve that along with beer and wine. Typically, signature drinks would be served for a cocktail hour so you don’t have to pay for so much alcohol depending on what the drink is.


Non-traditional deserts:

It's becoming very popular to have non-traditional desserts at weddings to replace a cake. Doughnuts, candy bars, and cupcakes are all really good options to substitute a cake and it will really make your wedding more unique! You can always by a small store-bought cake and doctor it up a little so that you can still cut the cake with your new hubby! Plus, who doesn’t love doughnuts!!


Keep the important people:

Most often, the only people you’ll remember spending your wedding with are the ones closest to you and who you love most. Don’t feel obligated to invite someone from your office or a distant friend just because you feel guilty. It’s YOUR day and in the end, what matters is that all your favorite people are there. Remember you’ll have to pay for each extra meal if you're inviting people just because you feel like you have to.  

Limit plus ones:

Do your research on who will need a plus one for your wedding. Not everyone needs to have a date so don’t feel bad to send them an invite without a plus one option, this will really save you money and help you avoid having too many people you don’t really know at your wedding.

These are just a few tips on how to get through your wedding and still come out on budget or even below it! Your day is everything you make it so keep your options open and do your research before you jump into a pricey decision!

Happy planning!

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