Staying Organized While Planning

We understand how complicated and hectic wedding planning can be, life really gets in the way of being an organized bride. It can ruin your engagement experience to be stressed and overwhelmed with the planning process. Other than hiring a wedding planner, there are some things you can do personally to help keep your life more in control.

1. Get a planner specific to your wedding details.

You can avoid clashing your personal, work, and planning life if you create a special place for your wedding details to be. There’s many different types of planners that are made specifically for wedding planning, or just any old planner would do. Having something to carry with you and reference or quickly write down a bit of info could help save your sanity.

Check out one of our favorites here

2. Dedicate a few tasks at a time

Choosing a specific week to focus on a certain number of tasks can really help you stay focused and efficient. Not to mention it feels pretty good to not over load yourself and cross all the things on your to do list off. It’s important to enjoy the planning process so avoiding a huge to do list and not letting your tasks pile up can really help.

3. Start planning early

Many times people don’t realize the importance of time while wedding planning. After the initial month of excitement of being newly engaged is over, its really time to put focus into getting things done that need to be planned far in advance like your venue. Getting all the time sensitive needs out of the way first will relieve you to enjoy the rest of your engagement with all the fun things!

4. Ask for help!

Not everyone gets so lucky to have a family army to help delegate all the planning to. But don’t feel bad or afraid about asking for help, its really important not to put all the pressure of planning on only yourself. It’s also important to have other people’s ideas and to be able to speak yours to someone else.

5. Communication is key

Having clear and specific communication is vital for proper execution of your vision. Even when communicating with your friends and bridesmaids it makes a difference to be professional and maintain some kind of seriousness so everyone gets the message. Don’t be afraid to tell people what your thinking or what you need, its your day and the people around you should try their best to understand your vision.

Happy planning!

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