The Best Valentine's Day Proposal

Let’s get real, Valentines is THE holiday for all things loves and romance, so why wouldn’t it be the perfect time to propose! We’re going to give you all the ideas you’ll need to make the day as perfect as possible!

1. Return to a special place

This one is close to the heart, if you’re the sentimental type, retuning to a significant place from your relationship can be a great place to pop the question. Maybe the location of a first date or the place you met, you can decorate the location beforehand with lights, candles, and flowers to make it more magical!

2. Plan an adventure

Planning an adventurous trip or a scavenger hunt can make the day really exciting. A scavenger hunt that involves significant places of your relationship or maybe all of your favorite places to go together to finally lead up to a destination for the proposal can be so fun. And it makes it so special to visit lots of places that represent your relationship throughout the day.

3. Plan a trip

Having a destination proposal on Valentine’s Day might be the most romantic. You can plan ahead of time and notify the hotel or place your staying that your coming and to see if they can have something special set up for you. Lots of hotels have an engagement package they can offer you as well. On your trip you can plan out all the fun places to go and choose one for your proposal!

4. Write it in the sky

This one may be a little difficult to execute, but if you can, it would be so unique and special. Do some research on Sky Writing companies in your area, this option is definitely more costly but it’s pretty worth it in the end.

5. Go full-out Valentine’s Day themed

If you like the idea of a Valentine’s Day theme, you can really play into it with all the classic things. A box of chocolates, red roses, dinner and wine, flower petals, and lots of hearts! Going out to dinner and having your home decorated for when you get home may be the perfect thing if you want to go all out valentines.

6. Rent out a restaurant

This is another pricy option but it really gives you a very special private moment for your proposal. Renting out the restaurant and planning for a meal and maybe some subtle music from a musician can give you the most romantic evening.

7. Say it on the radio

I think this option gives you a really good set up to totally surprise her. Calling your local radio station and getting them to say a special message for you at just the right time can be so unique and fun.

8. Dinner cruise

Dinner cruises are so romantic, setting one up and planning ahead of time with the company to have the boat decorated can be a really run experience. This also gives you the opportunity to be really private and have a nice evening on the water.

9. Book a room at a resort spa

If she loves to be pampered, this one is for you. Booking a spa retreat and getting spoiled together in celebration of being newly engaged can be really enjoyable. Remember to see about engagement packages so that you can have things set up prior to your arrival!

10. Flash mob

This is my favorite! Organizing a flash mob is one of the most unique and exciting ways to propose. Not to mention you can to publically show your love in a huge celebration! Plus this would be the most memorable experience!

There’s so many wonderful ways to pop the question on Valentine’s Day. Just remember to consider her personality and your style as a couple, that can really help you decide how best to do it! And don’t forget to enjoy the day/ process. This is the most exciting day besides your wedding and it can be pretty stressful to think about, but remember the reasons why you’re doing it and it’ll all fall into place!

Happy Proposal Season!

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