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Choosing your save the date and wedding invitations is a really exciting step in the planning process. It will probably give you the “wow this is finally happening” feeling when your family and friends get the announcement of your date and venue. While this is super exciting it can also be quite challenging to choose one of the millions of pre made designs or even harder, making your own from scratch. Let’s talk a little about how to choose one that best fits you as a couple and your wedding using our partners!

Decide what your style is:

When scrolling through all of the wedding invitations templates that offers, there will probably be quite a few that jump out at you. Ask yourself a few questions before you really start, like if you plan on using a photo or if you would rather it be a solid card. Try narrowing down a few of the wedding invitations that really capture your personal style and then consider the style of your wedding. This is a card that will announce your wedding to all the people you care about, it’s important that it reflects you as a couple and the excitement of your big day! If you want to check out the styles of cards they offer, click here!

Trial and Error:

Some don’t know that you can actually order a free sample from many websites including You‘ll be able to order a sample kit with swatches or you can order specific designs to sample most of their wedding invitations. Click here to check out how to order samples! If you're not sure what type of paper you want or what it will feel like, or a certain gloss’s or color, don’t hesitate to order samples of the cards so you can really make an educated decision. While on the website try different photos with different templates, you may find that the one photo you really love doesn’t quite work with the template you love. Play around with all the options you have and use them to your advantage.

Understand your options:

Minted has so many different styles and types of each detail of your card. It’s important to read into what you can do. For example, having your font in foil lettering so it’s luxurious, having it letter pressed to look traditional, or you can have it printed regularly for a more simple approach. There are also different wedding invitations shapes, different paper types, folded cards, booklet cards, you name it they’ve got it! You’ll be able to pick what designs you like if you want to mix and match or Minted also offers “suits” where you’ll find all matching save the dates, wedding invitations, RSVP's and any other card for mailing in that set. This makes it really easy for you to create all the cards you’ll need in one place. Check out all the options for suits here! For brides on a budget, they offer an all-in-one panel invitation which will include the save the date and rsvp in one card. They also have a four panel option in that same category if that fits your preferences better. You can check those out here. Take your time to browse the website and really look into all the fun things you can use to create the best card for you. Try not to get overwhelmed with this process, it can be really fun to create and it’s something you’ll get to have as a keepsake for years to come!

Don't forget that having a wedding planner can help you with this important decision that will begin your wedding journey. Our experienced planners can offer you help and do the research for you and finally presenting you with the best options that suits your wedding vision and budget! The best part is that by working with us you will be able to get advantage of our vendor discount up tp 25% off anything you end up getting with no limit to how many times you order. If you want help picking the right invitations contact us now!

Overall, using a website like can be your best friend. It’s definitely handy to have templates ready for you to personalize. Try to have fun with it through all the options and really stay true to your style, since after all, it’s your day!

Happy planning!

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