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Wedding planner vs Venue coordinator

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Wedding planner vs Venue coordinator is a question we are constantly asked by clients, which is better and are they the same?

If you booked your venue and they offered "planning services and a wedding coordinator" it doesn't mean that you will get everything that comes when hiring a wedding planner. There are many similarities in the roles of both the “Venue Coordinator” and a “Wedding Planner”, but there are also many differences, that I like to explain to couples so that they understand exactly what they are getting in the package.

This way you are so much more informed about what to expect from a “Venue Coordinator” and what to expect from hiring the services of a “Wedding Planner”.

The Venue Coordinator

Many venues include a Venue Coordinator to assist you with planning your wedding day. They are employed by the venue and are designated to you to look after the details that the venue provides such as dealing with the catering menu, the layout of the room, ensuring that the decor provided by your venue is in place. Their main focus is on ensuring that all aspects that have been contracted through the venue are carried out exactly as per the agreement. They deal with and manage their staff ensuring that they all know what is expected of them on day of. They will work with you to assist you in creating your day and that is not to say that they will not do anything that doesn’t have to do with the venue, but you should always inquire what additional tasks they will take on such as whether or not they will facilitate your Wedding Rehearsal? A venue coordinator generally does not stay until the very end of the event and would typically leave after the meal has been served and the party and dancing is underway. It is not required of them to be there as there is nothing else that needs to be coordinated to ensure it goes smoothly, You can definitely go to your Venue Coordinator to inquire what the rules and regulation are if you wanted to bring in an Aerial Act as entertainment during your dinner service and would be able to happily answer questions as such. A venue coordinator will generally not take on the task of ensuring that all your additional vendors are showing up on time. This is not to say that all Venue Coordinators are exactly the same and will take on any additional tasks just as a general rule of thumb it is important to know that your Venue Coordinator’s responsibilities tend to be somewhat limited in terms of the entire picture.

The Wedding Planner

The role of the wedding planner is to take care of all aspects of the wedding from decor and design, to budget tracking and everything else in between. Your wedding planner is the one who can meet with wedding vendors and assist you with deciding whether or not to invite Uncle John who tends to be a heavy drinker and not exactly the most friendly to your Aunt Sarah when she’s had a few too many. Your Wedding Planner is who you can come to with any question you may have, from the best color palette to suit your personality to the best place to purchase wedding favors. Wedding Planner’s are wedding experts in many aspects of the entire wedding, they will deal with any problem that may arise on wedding day, facilitate your Ceremony, seat your guests, tidy up Bridal suits and so much more! Your wedding planner deals with ALL of your vendors and makes sure that they all know exactly what is expected of them on Day Of. Your wedding planner will typically be there for the entire day of the wedding from morning to the late hours of the night. They will be there to oversee that everyone sets up as well as tears down according to schedule. In short, a wedding planner offers you peace of mind throughout the entire process of the wedding. Your wedding planner will act as a point of contact and will typically work side by side with the venue coordinator to create the wedding day of your dreams.

It's important to know the difference because many brides think they are both the same and end up doing most of the work on their wedding day.

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